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    While you want to publi Hace 9 meses. It is a residential area where blocks of flats mix with high-standard hotels, hospitals and other resources. Its difficult to make exact delineations, we could say that this area runs from North of the Bernabéu soccer stadium to the Chamartín train station.

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    Again a residential area with blocks of flats and commerce to serve the residents. No real tourist interest, apart from the railway station of course. The Arturo Soria street extends throughout 5. From particular form the section between the street of Alcala and the Pine of Chamartín benefits from a careful and harmonic city-planning exposition: Small blocks of buildings opened with buildings of only three or four plants, opened spaces, green zones, communal zones with gardens and swimming pools Its elevation, is one of the highest zones of Madrid, the abundant vegetation and their leafy and old one hoisted guarantees low levels of contamination.

    BY AIR:.

    Flights information at the Airport site. Airport Info telephone: There are left-luggage offices at terminals T1, T2 and T4, open daily 24 hours. There are lockers specifically designed to hold large objects such a bicycles, surf boards, etc. After 15 days the luggage is tranferrred to the warehouse with a cost.

    Payments only in cash. The cash machines accept nearly all euro bank notes and coins. There is a limit on the credit cards. Payments for higher amounts must be made manually at the information post. There is almost never a problem getting a taxi from the indicated ranks, and we would advise against accepting offers from taxi drivers inside the airport building as there are frequent reports of passengers being ripped-off. Most major car rental agencies are represented at the airport. Line 8 the pink one has two stops at the airport: one at terminal T2 for terminals T1, T2, and T3 which are connected , and other for T4.

    Line 8 starts at Nuevos Ministerios. There it connects to lines 10 and 6 the Circle. It will take you about 25 minutes to make your way to the T4 from Nuevos Ministerios. Standard metro tickets have an extra charge of aprox. Trains arriving from abroad and from the South, East, and West of Spain, including the high-speed AVE trains, arrive at the railway station of Atocha which has a metro station: Atocha Renfe.

    Trains to and from the north depart from Chamartín train station metro: Chamartín. Some trains stop both at Chamartín and Atocha. The main bus station for international and long distance trips is the Estación Sur de autobuses, located South of the city center. There are other bus stations and a considerable number of bus operators.

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    Madrid has 7 main highways entering and leaving the city: the A-1 to A- 6 and the A The A stands for Autovía highway , and P stands for Pay peaje - toll , therefore, the AP -6 is the toll highway 6, while A -6 is a non payment highway. Madrid has three major ring roads, the inner-one known as the M circulates inside the urban centre, and therefore, it often has heavy traffic, the outer ones are the M , which stretches round the suburban Madrid and the M which runs across what are still today fields.

    The radial roads R -which are toll paying roads- link the three ringways M, M, M , in order to avoid taking the A roads, which are ussually more congested. Madrid's Metro network is one of the largest in the world. It is no doudt, the best and fastest way to get round the city. Besides, it is cheap, reasonably clean and efficient. Metro stations are indicated by the red, blue and white icon shown on this page on the left.

    The metro covers most of Greater Madrid, extending to areas far from the center, as for instance line 8 which goes to the airport. Due to its extension there are several ticket areas, that is, you pay different fares in the different metro zones, and depending on whether you move from one to the other or not. Best value for a few days visit.

    The Maestro has Returned

    It is compulsory to validate your ticket for every journey. You just have to introduce it into the validating machines at the entrance gates in every metro station. If you have any problem go to the nearest ticket office. You can buy metro and bus tickets in any metro station, either at the ticket machines or in the office, both in the hallway. On the whole, Madrid weather is dry and sunny. Nonetheless, this continental climate is characterized by extremes: July and August are absolutely scorching and the chilly, short winter between December and February surprises most visitors.

    When planning a trip to Madrid, keep in mind that autumn and spring are the most pleasant seasons. Here you will find useful information about Madrid: maps, transports, museums, restaurants, guides, spanish schools, etc. We are constantly updating this section to help you to find how to live a real spainsh life in Madrid. Madrid Walking tours For those who want to feel the real Madrid by walking.

    Thyssen Museum Showcasing one of the great private collections of modern times, the Thyssen was won for Madrid after being fought over by cities throughout the world. Deep in modern arts.

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    Sorolla Museum Once the home and gardens of the painter Sorolla, this small museum presents a wide range of his work. The Andalucian inspired gardens, designed by the painter, are themselves interesting. Spain, Europe and World travel, accommodation, tourism and other links and directories.